Sunday, 1 August 2010

Beautiful is beautiful forever...

How to keep perfect from head to toe? Its tough... but sue me, I believe being a lady and all the cosmetics that come with it is fun.
The painful waxing... is not.

I have some wonderful products and brands to share with you P.O.A. style followers.
Magic, and i mean magic. No gimmick, from the dead sea. Ahava purifying mud mask, I have tried and tested on various occasions have reduced red up and coming horrifying scary looking marks to nothing. Apply the mask, wait a couple of minutes, and go to bed, and the next day, visible improvement.

I don't know what dead sea minerals this stuff has but its definately worth keeping around.
You may also want to try the Mineral hand cream, quickly absorbant and smells so good you'll look like a weirdo on the metro constantly sniffing the back of your hands.

Good news if you're into the brand, the store in Monmouth street do beauty treatments too, book well in advance!

The fish spa has come to London. Dip your feet into a tank full of toothless fish and let them eat away at your dead skin. The result apparently is: Softer healthier skin, a fish pedicure!

Personally, I was interested in this idea years ago when I first heard about it, and it wasn't available in Europe and the laws hadn't been passed because it had been deemed unhygeinic, however a very good friend of mine had gone to a fish spa in Singapore and mentioned that they were obviously much more generous with the amount of fish over there and it was a proper pedicure.
My advice, try anywhere in Asia for the fish spa, but if you just want the experience you do have these options:

Oh shampoo, my favorite topic, and I could rave about my favorite shampoo for hours. Let me start by saying this, shampooing is one of the few luxuries I believe to have in my life. Others would be Sleeping well with an eye mask till 12 if I'm lucky. Eating good food. Spending 10 minutes massaging a luxury shampoo into my hair whilst thinking of nothing at all and singing makes me HAPPY.
I do take my shampoo very seriously. I can ONLY use a luxury shampoo and there is only one brand that make luxury haircare.
Alterna are completely sulphate free.
Sulphate is harsh and shouldn't even be used on scalps. Most shampoos in drugstores contain sodium laureth sulphate because that is what makes shampoo lather up. In many stores such as planet organic and whole foods you may find other alternatives that are also sulphate free, such as avalon organics, Dr.Bronners magic soap (is primarily used as soap but can also be used as a shampoo. I highly recommend the Dr. Bronners Rose soap to use for washing clothes, add some to your laundry and your clothes come out smelling divine.)

However, these shampoos aren't luxury. Alterna uses Enzymotherapy, adding essential vitamins to each product so the hair can easily absorb the properties.
I personally recommend the Caviar Anti Aging Moisture Shampoo.

If you're really luxe...
Go for the limited edition White Truffle luxury shampoo and conditioner.

Now I'm going to disclose a secret. The deep conditioner that you never knew you needed.

From what I know, Terax was a little, not very well known Italian haircare company that got big through the rave of celebrities and was later bought out by an american company.
Once a week leave in for about Ten minutes, read this blog, wash out.

Now, I just wanted to blog about this spa I just read about, although now that I've
actually researched it, It's been around for a while.
Ada Barak's Carnivorous Snake farm in Northern Israel.

Getting massaged by snakes?
Will this trend spread like the fish spa?
Sounds weird but kinda sexy, lets hope that the asp that killed Cleopatra isn't lurking around in there.
Here's a video I found related to it from the Time website,32068,1815811898_0,00.html

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