Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Getting graphic.

T-shirts these days don't cut it for me unless they have a bold graphic print on them.

I've been all about statements, bold statements for a while, and I love the fact that if you have something to say, you can wear it, whether it's something as bland as "I <3 Paris" or "Metallica," to prints of photos, movies, art, what you choose to wear and show on your t-shirt reflects your personality.

I'm sure you all remember the hilarious Naomi Campbell T-shirt. Need I say more?

When you're looking for something funny to wear, David and Goliath are playful and have some pretty funny prints on their tees.

When you're looking for graphic art, Carbon Tee's Couture range has graphic art prints that are organically printed on different styles of tee shirts. The company source environmentally friendly made t-shirts and combine their own prints using organic water-based dyes.

Music is a funny thing, we all love our own tastes and it seems a lot of us want to share that love with others. I personally collect Iggy Pop T shirts, Zadig and Voltaire did one last season, but they are constantly coming up with rock infused t-shirts with a twist. Its different to the kind you pick up around Camden town. Of course there is also urban outfitters.

Mick T shirt Zadig and Voltaire...

Urban Outfitters Tee

Super superficial has prints that make me smile, and it's very hard to make me smile, I'm a pouter, trust. Victoria Bekham ain't got nothing on me.

Maybe that's what you want, A t-shirt, or a sweatshirt that will make people smile when you walk down the street?

Lazy Oaf have some very sweet designs, I am especially fond of their drawing club collection.

Last but not least, American Apparel and its "Legalize Gay" t shirts encouraging the legalization of gay marriage, and "Legalize L.A." t shirts supporting the undocumented immigrants in L.A. and immigration reform.

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