Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Importance of Luxury Watches.

(I have recurring dreams of this watch. Some women dream of making a wonderful home, finding a man, Johnny Depp, I dream of the Jules Audemars Chrono Tourbillon.)

You’re either a believer or you’re not. Many people believe that it is ridiculous to spend more than a few hundred

£ or that even on a timepiece. First one must understand the concept of luxury, why one would want to invest in a Breitling as opposed to a Swatch.

Once you know about luxury watches they are aspirational, models are recognizable and there is the envy factor built in, isn’t there?

A luxury watch goes beyond being a miserable timepiece with its complications that their customers dropping platinum credit cards really don’t care about, to being a statement.

This statement is a definition of character by the wearer, after a week of wearing a luxury watch, i can swear on the sweetest puppy’s life, it will feel like you have phantom limb syndrome as soon as you take it off for too long. It becomes you, a relationship is formed. Confidence is arisen. You walk into stores dressed like a hobo but you’re still wearing a big fat Parmigiani Fleurier and that intimidating factor that sales staff once gave out flies out the window. You know who owns whom, even if you have no money left in the bank.

Diamonds don’t make a watch, its the monster machinery that makes it beautiful. The watch in itself is like a piece of jewelry, for men, who don’t have pearls or diamonds, luxury watches is their excuse to indulge themselves.

I personally believe that women should keep their watches simple aswell, diamonds are for jewelry and not to be mixed with watches, I have a preference for mens chronograph watches, and I joke in a snobbish manner “anything less than a chrono is to wear when you clean the house,” but if Rafa Nadal can wear the 500,000 Richard Mille on the court, well to hell with it. I deserve to wear a Chrono when i do my chores damn it! Or I’ll hire people to do everything for me of course.

Some of the most beautiful watches I have seen are from Audemars Piguet, especially the Jules Audemars collection. Most people go for the royal oak, which is a brick of a watch but stunning, except for the very sporty looking carbon one.

Hublot is a brand where i will make an exception when it comes to mixing diamonds with timepieces as they do it oh so tastefully for women and the end result is classy bling, just don’t get robbed.

If you’re wearing a Blancpain, it doesn’t need to be a chrono. its a Blancpain.

I’m adding in Piaget, I feel they make beautiful luxury watches, however they don’t feel like everyday ones. Occasional use, perhaps, If you’re thinking of expanding your party selection and you can afford it, please, go for it!

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Mike said...

Your blog is totally entertaining, I agree with some of your insights, but I'm wondering why didn't you include Rolex on your article.

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