Thursday, 30 September 2010

Children at heart.

The trend for wearing a print that represents a favorite childhood character on clothing has been around for a while, but never has it been more apparent than now, this growing trend allows us to indulge in those old school favorite characters that once fascinated and comforted us. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has been featuring different Disney characters in his clothing for a while, every season with a sequin dress, Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Bambi, with some beautiful Bambi shoes to go with, and this season the brand is carrying prints of South Park characters.

Oysho, the lingerie, nightwear store owned by the Inditex group launched a nightwear range this season with words and pictures of the "Le Petit Prince," My favorite item were a pair of slippers with writing and tiny crystals on them, only for 17 eur.

Many stores carry Tee shirts with prints that bring back that blast from the past, however its not always something that you fully relate to. Hell, I'd probably get incredibly excited and pay extortionate amounts of money over anything Bambi related or any memorabilia that is Archie comic related.

Remember These Guys?

A few seasons ago, Zara's teenage brand TRF had a small Hannah Barbera collaboration of T-shirts and within that were a range of T-shirts with prints of the Jetsons.

The T shirt brand Junk food has also produced T shirts with Disney Characters on them, as well as the Little Miss series...
Their print have a sexy fit and a worn look.

Ok so maybe we had to abandon our soft toys... There is no reason why we cannot still proudly display our love for Superman, Wonderwoman, Snow White or even Pocahontas...

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