Friday, 3 September 2010

Over the Rainbow and Beyond the Valley
I have loved Beyond the Valley for years, I kept walking in the store many times and lurking around the odd selection of merchandise every time I was around Carnaby street.

I always thought that my first purchase from Beyond the Valley would be something along the lines of a wooden deer shaped brooch or a Zoe and Morgan pendant, but just as it happens my first purchase turned out to be something quite different.
I bought a pair of knitted ¾ leggings from the bottom of the box in during their annual sample sale for the shamefully cheap price of 5 pounds. I lived in those leggings for around two weeks untill I decided to go back and check everything out again.

Beyond the Valley is one of those stores which is full of curiosities, like exploring through someone's attic and finding random items that slot into your life without you even knowing it.

On my last trip there I came across some wedge shoes. The pony skin wedge shoes by finsk, I urged my friend to try them on and they look amazing, I mean absolutely fabulosos, they're really something.

Beyond the Valley always seem to have a wonderful selection of dresses. The Beyond the Valley graphic prints dresses and tees are instantly recognizable and won me over very fast. I'm very picky you see.

Their selection is varied however, some items are slightly too quirky for my liking, for example, the Hamburger bag by Hannah Havana.

I would probably buy it one day and categorize it in my wardrobe under the section "F.U. I'm young and if I wear this with conviction I think I can get away with it."

I love Beyond the Valley, it rates as being one of my favourite stores in Londontown, it is everything one would ask for in one space, offbeat, quirky, alive, cosy, sweet and friendly. Definitely worth a visit.

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