Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Travel Pretty

August is the official holiday month. Get started with getting your luggage from Globe Trotter...
Absolutely beautiful. The safari collection is magnificent.

Now, need shades? Of course you do. Try these Chanel ones with jeans for casual wear...

For the glamming it up by the pool, try Roisin Murphy's collaboration with Linda Farrow.

Not Bling enough? Get to Marcus and if you don't own it already, this summer Hublots Tutti Frutti Big Bang.

What else is beautifully pink and needs to be packed for holiday? The Hermès dip dye Astrologie scarf.

We're not into the stripes unless they're Jean Paul Gaultier...
So, lets try some vintage polka dots this august.

And now, ok, they may not be your taste, but I am absolutely obsessed with these...
Opening ceremony shoeboots in leopard print.

Someone get them out of my dreams and off of this blog and onto my feet!

Be naturally beautiful this summer, get your teeth pearly white with swiss smile

Use SPF... How do women like Dita Von Teese and Mary Louise Parker look so good at their age?

They protect their skin.
Try Heliocare 50 for the face as well as an SPF for the rest of the body!

Don't forget your ipod and the best of by Nouvelle Vague

And finally, smell fresh and lovely with Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Eaux de Voyage. A selection of beautiful smelling perfume ranges, try
Aloha Tiaré, or any of the vanilla based ones.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Why the entire world should be cast under Chloë Sevigny’s spell.

Many people say Chloë is like marmite, you either love her or you hate her. I have a problem comparing her to marmite as I hate the stuff and adore her.
This wasn’t always to the case though, I must say, Chloë Sevigny is an acquired taste that I’ve learned to love and appreciate. Yes, back in the day I thought she was an awkward looking little thing whom I felt got too much press and it bothered me.

So, what sparked my interest and got me to actually pay attention to her?

Drumroll please...

Vincent Gallo of course.

The Brown Bunny which received tons of negative press when opening at sundance featuring our dear arrogant Mr. Vincent Gallo and Indie film Princess Ms. Chloë Sevigny, together made an incomprehensible dribble movie with a controversial scene which skyrocketed Mr. Gallo’s name and almost drowned Sevigny’s.

What struck me about Chloë Sevigny though, was her attitude. When Gainsbourg gave France Gall a controversial song to sing, Gall turned around and criticized Gainsbourg for it. Chloe stuck to her guns and remained that she had made her decision with utmost conviction.

Now this is where I realized, ladies and gentlemen, we’re not dealing with a typical annoying, just wants to be on the scene celebrity. This girl is real.

And now that we’re past all that and why we really love her it’s time to talk about the most important part, her style.

Ok. So, she’s always had what I’d like to call, the “farmer” look going on. Fair enough, Inditex made that look commercial two summers ago. However, if you’d really like to see what her style is like, check out this video of Chloë Sevigny presenting her capsule collection for Opening Ceremony

The collection for Opening Ceremony was taken out last year but there are still a couple of items available on the website by Chloë that you can look at.

Check out this Ultra cute video on Chloë discussing High waisted jeans

Also, Uniqlo have UT T shirts collaborating with Vincent Gallo, one of them is a bright yellow t shirt with the movie cover of The Brown Bunny as well as t shirts of Vincent Gallo’s face from Buffallo ‘66. They’re on sale, go get yours now before they’re all gone!

Chloë has become a name to look at for hipster fashion, so if you don’t appreciate her yet, let her grow on you!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Scarves and Storytelling

What can be more simple and more complex than a scarf?
A simple piece of fabric can transform your entire look...
Lets look back at Grace Kelly and Jackie O and how they created their signature looks with scarves.

The women who really know how to make use of a scarf and value their importance, are of course, French women.
Author of the bestselling book French Women don't get fat, Mireille Guiliano, has a charming video on scarves,

Liberty of London have their own twist on teaching women how to wear a scarf with their postcard collection,,--Liberty/56037

To tell you all about my favorite brand for scarves.
Wolff et Descourtis.

A French family business that goes back to 1876, hand painted velvet fabric where they do shawls and scarves. Its not just that it's beautifully handcrafted, its that every one of their pieces tell a story, like a painting you could stare at.