Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ivy League...

I have witnessed, wherever I have lived, that the way you dress, not only defines you, but gives others a stark impression on who you are and who you want to be.

There is a certain look. Which Americans will call the Prep look, khaki Burberry pants, a tucked in Ralph Lauren striped shirt or a Lacoste Polo shirt with a sweater draped around your shoulders and tied at the front and either Tods or Loafers. You know who I'm talking about right? Those guys you see at the Polo Club. The guys you bump into outside Scotts in Mayfair, well, sometimes they're wearing mustard coloured cords and they call that the English country look...

The term to define the person wearing this style of clothing shifted from the word "Prep" to other slightly less eloquent terms which I will not specify as I am a lady.

It seems to me that some form of clarification is needed. This 'Prep' can look rather dashing when pulled off. There is a very similar category that goes right next to it which does exist and classifies as a not so great and tacky look.
Take this as a do's and don'ts of how to successfully achieve the Prep look with a few other brands to consider than the standard Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hackett...

What to do...

- It's not all about the big pony. It's about coloring. What will go with your whole outfit and what will suit your coloring. If you're very pale and know that Orange isn't your color, now isn't the time to start.

- A good blazer is an investment.

- Mix it up, experiment, but check yourself out in a full length mirror before stepping out, keep to a neutral palette.

- You have my blessing to go and buy some vintage Cutler and Gross reading glasses if applicable to you.

What NOT to do...

- No popped collars. Way to ruin a good shirt and a brand name.

- No over logo-ing.

- Try and make sure your hair looks decent, not like you're a party boy that just came back from Cyprus.

- There is no point in achieving this look if you are going to ruin them with Nike's.

The other day I fell in love with a grey Blazer from La Martina. For a while, not just me, but my entire family have been attracted to the Argentine Polo brand.
This wonderful brand is of course sold in Harrods.

Ede and Ravenscroft, situated on Savile Row and on Chancery Lance hold three Royal Warrants, they carry a small but good selection of country casuals, cords, sweaters, accessories p.s. They also bespoke.

Last but not in any way the least, my new obsession has been the Kitsuné shop. I have already purchased one item from there and I will be buying a lot more.
This season's look of for the Kitsuné boutique is Ivy League, which has that draws influences from the prep look and the back to school fall feel. Its sleek its clean and if I were going back to school I would want the entire season's collection to be my wardrobe.

Sigh, I want everything from that site. :(

So here it is, or a well cut shirt, with a good blazer, that is worn with those burberry khakis you've had forever (or alternative Massimo Dutti ones.) and loafers = prep.
If you use the same formula and wear a Polo shirt instead with corduroy trousers, you'll have a Casual look.

And with that I leave you to go and people watch in St. Johns Wood.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Designer Profile: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

JC/DC is the Andy Warhol of the fashion industry. There is no doubt about the POP factor he's maintained over the years. I absolutely adore everything by him.

Now that the store in London's Conduit street has closed down, it was one my favorite spaces. Two floors of heaven, the launch of the new online store is something to celebrate, this is good news for people across Europe.

I remember my first love experience with Castelbajac, a yellow sequined dress on a mannequin with a big smiley face. I turned to my best friend and said "I could get married in that." Then of course French singer Yelle was seen in that dress and it was featured in Ugly Betty, alongside with a lot of other JC/DC dresses...

I started to take all my friends to the JC/DC store and one friend of mine was very close to buying the credit card dress, but was afraid that she would give the wrong impression...

Castelbajac never ceases to impress, be it with Mickey Mouse shoes or with a stunning sequined dress. The homewear is also quite interesting, rugs, plates with sayings and colorful graphic designs on them.

So now one of our favorites is available online and you can own a playful fun JC/DC item too in no time...

Check out this seasons South Park collection.